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Attending a college fair or meeting with admission reps?

Here are great questions to ask!

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Study Abroad – FAQ

Can I apply federal financial aid to costs for studying abroad?

Yes. Generally, all federal financial aid, excluding Federal Work Study, should be available as long as students are earning credits toward their degrees while abroad. This includes Pell Grants, guaranteed student loans, and PLUS Loans. Some states also allow state financial aid to go with students abroad; however, you should talk to your study abroad or financial aid office about policies with regard to state and institutional aid.

Does studying abroad impact my chances of graduating on time?

In most cases, so long as it is an approved study abroad program through your college’s or university’s study abroad office, it will not impact your ability to graduate on time. However, you should consult your academic advisor before making plans in order to discuss which classes you should take during your abroad experience and how those classes will help you stay on track academically.

Is it safe to study abroad?

As with any foreign travel it is important to do a little research on the social climate before committing to a program. You can find information on every country including its crime rates at:

Do I need to speak the language of the corresponding country I am studying in?

Though this would obviously be a benefit, it is not a requirement for most programs. Most approved programs will be delivered in English, unless they involve studying a particular foreign language. However, it is recommended you learn some of the basics; that way, your time in that particular country can be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.