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HS Seniors - Apply for your FSA ID today!

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College & Adult Students

The Center for College Planning (CCP) at the NHHEAF Network Organizations is dedicated to providing students and families with valuable information about the college planning process. Below you’ll find articles, links and resources especially relevant for College Students & Adult Learners.

Heading off to College: Important First Steps

Ten Things to Think About Before You Go

Securing Your School Loans: Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note

New Student (or Freshman) Orientation

My Student ID

What to Pack

Dormitory Life: What to Expect When You Live on Campus

Who’s Who on Campus?

Get Career-Ready

The Value of a Mentor

Get Networking!

NH Employment Security


Young Professionals Networks in NH

Gain Experience during the Summer

Pathways to NH Colleges

Alternative Methods for Teacher Certification

ESOL Programs in NH

Consider Public Service through AmeriCorps

Returning to Learning

What Program is Right for Me?

Distance Learning: an Overview

Distance Learning FAQ

Adult Students: HiSET and CLEP Exams

Steps to Success for Adult Students

Establishing Priorities and Managing Time

Returning to Learning - What About Financial Aid?

For Graduate Students

Choosing the Right Graduate Program

Considering Graduate School

Benefits of a Graduate Degree

Top 10 Tips for Graduate Applications

Mastering the Graduate Entrance Exams

Graduate Admissions: Writing the Personal Statement

Graduate Students - What about Financial Aid and Undergraduate Loans?

Creative Funding Options

Graduate Student Spending Plan

Web Resources for Prospective Graduate Students