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Attending a college fair or meeting with admission reps?

Here are great questions to ask!

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Get Financially Fit

The Center for College Planning (CCP) at the NHHEAF Network Organizations is dedicated to providing students and families with valuable information about the college planning process. Below you’ll find articles, links and resources especially relevant for students managing money.

Credit Reports and FICO Scores

Credit Reports

Reading Your Credit Report

FICO Scores

How to Build Good Credit

Avoiding Deceptive Offers for "Free" Credit Reports

Text Books

Buying Textbooks

Selling Textbooks

Basic Budgeting and Banking

Stay on Budget While in School

Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet

Quick Tips for Managing Your Money from the FDIC

Bank Account Basics


Identity Theft

Credit Card FAQ's

Grad Students: Managing Undergraduate Loans

Rules for Teen Workers

Financially Fit in 15 logoFinancially Fit in Fifteen Video Series

Watch our series of Financially Fit in 15 Youtube icon videos featuring personal finance management expert Rich discussing a wide variety of finance topics including:

Youtube icon Consolidation
Youtube icon Credit & Debit Cards
Youtube icon Defining Terms
Youtube icon FICO
Youtube icon Financial Aid Myths
Youtube icon Fine Print
Youtube icon Fixed vs. Variable Interest Rates
Youtube icon Paycheck
Youtube icon Tax Benefits