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College Equals Opportunity (CEO) is a public awareness and scholarship campaign which involves successful business leaders from New Hampshire companies. Each member shares stories about their college experiences, some of the challenges they faced along the way and the opportunities college presented. The program also provides significant scholarship dollars to deserving college students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities and academic talent.

The value of a college degree is clear. It triggers a chain of events that creates far-reaching values. Value is created in the earnings a college graduate receives, the taxes they pay, the businesses they start, the charities they support, and the educational standards they set for their family. View our scrapbook to learn more about the current CEO members.

Do you know a New Hampshire business leader who believes in the value of higher education and would make a good addition to our program?
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Check out the CEO Yearbook below!
NHCEO Scrapbook cover

Instructions: To begin, click the book cover to open a popup window. Our Flash-based flipbook is modeled after a real book; you can turn the pages with your mouse by clicking in any of the page corners, or by click-dragging a page across.


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