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Destination College - New Hampshire's Statewide Annual College Planning Event

Each year, families from Nashua to Berlin gather at a local college campus for the annual Destination College convention for high school juniors and parents. All of the day's events are FREE to students and parents. Attendees have access to a variety of college planning workshops, student keynote speaker and have the opportunity to participate in a scholarship raffle and attend a college fair. This signature event for high school juniors and parents is a collaborative effort between The NHHEAF Network Organizations and New Hampshire colleges and universities.

Check out the 2014 DC Gallery for pictures from our last event.

Congratulations to our 2014 keynote speech contest winner, Academy of Science and Design student, Rachel Scaer!

Keynote speaker

By submitting a 3-5 minute speech, you, too, can win a $1,000 scholarship and have the opportunity to share the stage with VIPs like the governor, college president and CEO of NHHEAF. The speech contest submission link will be available to the Class of 2015 in late June.

As plans get underway for Destination College 2015, we’ll post updates here!